About Us

The company is led by high-tech products lore digital product development, design, marketing and integration services in the high-tech enterprise. The corporation has a professional digital product development and marketing across the network which is successfully developed a series of high-quality, low-cost, high performer, satisfactory products like multimedia sub-woofer systems, multimedia speakers and audio video products. Melbon Company since its Inception has consistently carried out the “talent as a fundamental to science as a guide, as the basis, development oriented approach, the product of the research, to establish a technology driven brand in the country. Melbon has locus on the sales and marketing of Melbon products in the country which is the world of digital lifestyle becoming the country’s foremost consumer electronics brand with relentless commitment to quality, consistent dedication to customer satisfaction and unparalleled standards of service.

Melbon is recognized as a benchmark for transform the perfect product to the users by new age technology. Superior quality, digital concepts and personalized service that has ensured loyal customers and nationwide acclaim in the industry, In India Melbon has its footprint across the major towns and outsides through a distribution network comparing. Manned, by customer friendly and well informed sales persons. Melbon will become last and the most visible face of the company in India. A distinctive feature of Melbon is prompt & last alter-sales-service 81 its highly motivated and well-trained staff that provides the kind of attentive and sensitive semis that is rare today. Melbon is committed to ensuring that both the products and the marketing activities employed truly make a difference to people’s lifestyle and otter them new dimensions of enjoyment experiences which are ‘like no other‘. Company management concepts:

– People Oriented:  positive and sustained manners to improve the technical & operational level to provide excellent customer service and quality products.

– Quality Oriented:  under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of similar products to customers at lowest possible prices.

Our Vision & Mission

As stated in its new Melbon Electronics’ vision for the new decade is, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”

This new vision reflects Melbon Electronics’ commitment to inspiring its communities by leveraging Melbon’s three key strengths: “New Technology,” “Innovative Products,” and “Creative Solutions.” — and to promoting new value for Melbon’s core networks — Industry, Partners, and Employees. Through these efforts, Melbon hopes to contribute to a better world and a richer experience for all.

As part of this vision, Melbon has mapped out a specific plan of reaching $400 billion in revenue and becoming one of the world’s top five brands by 2020. To this end, Melbon has also established three strategic approaches in its management: “Creativity,” “Partnership,” and “Talent.”