WEBSITE & TOLL-FREE or Helpline  Number

At Bellstar Trading Pvt. Ltd., we understand that our responsibility does not end at selling you our product. Bellstar Trading Pvt. Ltd. has been working in the area of safe disposal of electronic waste since TV’s and most consumable household electronic items are made of hazardous constituents.

Company website:- http://www.melbon.in 

We also have a Toll-Free number (1800-112-355) or a Help-Line Number for all our customers. This helpline would further help our customers reach us for the safe disposal of their E-waste and also free of cost. This helpline number would also be available on our website (http://www.melbon.in/recycle/).


It has always been our mission to enrich people’s lives across the whole life cycle of our product. This not only includes the responsible sources of materials, and environmentally and socially sounds manufacturing, but also reducing the environmental footprint in the use phase as well as the final responsible recycling of our products when they have reached their end of life in order to meet the challenges around e-waste management in our society

Specific Scheme of Collection (Buy Back, Exchange, DRS etc.): 

Buy Back: 

We have a mechanism of incentivizing customer, who wants to return their end of life product (e-waste), whereby any of our consumers want to discard their product. Once any call received on our e-waste helpdesk. Our team directly calls them and makes an arrangement to collect the end of life product from their door step and depending on product life. We will offer incentive to our customer. 


We are not planning yet to implement DRS for our customers. We will intimate Central pollution Control Board once we will finalize the same.


Exchange facility is offered to every customer, we will give some discount (its depends on quality of the old product) for exchange of their old product with new product so that customer can take benefits of this scheme and we can easily get all the products placed in the market at the end of life and same will be channelized to recycle for recycling purpose.


We can also offer coupons for our old customers and they can take benefit of the coupons. The coupons can be discount of specific amount or can be a gift to the customers.

New Product: 

After sales, we will regularly inform our customer about the new products availability and offer our customer to exchange their old product. 

Agreement with Authorised Recyclers/Dismantlers: 

We have partnered with SEZ recycling for channelization as well as collection/disposal of all our e-waste generated from PAN India 

Address: SEZ Recycling, Plot No. TP-7, 4th Avenue, IT-SEZ Area, Mahindra World City Chengalpattu-603002, Tamil Nadu, India.

Website: http://www.sezrecycling.com

Capacity: 1500 TPA